Make the most of every space

Technis Spaces is a platform for aggregating and analysing data relating to the monitoring and optimisation of spaces.

Des données et analyses de pointe

Une précision de données inégalée

Technis s’appuie sur des partenaires et s'entoure des meilleurs pour prodiguer des données toujours plus fiables.

Une A-Team pour dépasser vos attentes

Une équipe d'ingénieurs et data scientists pour exploiter au mieux vos équipements et toutes vos données.

Des projets gérés main dans la main

Un accompagnement et une méthodologie éprouvée pour répondre précisément à chacun de vos enjeux.

They work with us

A single platform, several metrics, countless perspectives


Technis Retail

Tools and insights to increase retailers' sales by at least 5 to 10%.

Technis Workspace

Monitoring and applications to make the most of every m2 and boost productivity and well-being.

Technis Builing

A 360° solution and support to meet all your energy and compliance challenges.

Technis Event & Public Spaces

Cutting-edge equipment and precise real-time monitoring to secure high-flow areas and optimise the user experience.

A proven methodology

The unprecedented accuracy of our data is the result of expert intervention at every stage of a project, as well as a rigorous methodology and application.


  • Capturing the need
  • Site visit for technical audit
  • Determining the most appropriate equipment for the areas to be monitored

Data collection

  • Deployment
  • Running-in phase to validate data accuracy
  • Support and training as needed

Data analytics

  • Access to a customized dashboard and key indicators
  • Integrating metrics into decision-making processes
  • Continuous improvement

Technis Spaces

An AI-powered platform for all physical space data, to address a wide range of issues while meeting ROI challenges.

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