Optimise safety, improve experience

Airports, railway stations, museums, shopping centres, exhibitions

Technis optimises the experience in high-traffic areas.

By providing data on visitor behaviour and flow, our technology helps to enhance visitor safety and engagement, and to create satisfying and memorable experiences.

for all challenges

Combine safety and satisfaction

Improve the performance of your events and the experience of participants thanks to precise metrics

Measuring stand traffic

Get real-time data on visitor numbers and interactions on your stand to analyse the ROI of your marketing investment for the event.

Maximising product placement

By collecting data and analysing visitor behaviour and interest, you can optimise product placement and make the most of your exhibition stand resources.

Evaluating the ROI of a stand

Collecting data makes it easier to compare the sales generated with other events, making it easier to decide whether to take part in future events.

Event managers
Optimise the profitability of events and the experience of participants thanks to highly accurate data, displayed in real time

Propose an event in line with market expectations

Real-time data collection enables you to find out how many people attend each event and compare it with similar events.

Increase the turnover of your event by optimising the use of space

By collecting objective data about your event, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of its performance and make data-driven decisions.

Track the performance of your event over time

Gathering data allows you to optimise your event over time and, ultimately, improve the experience of participants while maximising profits.

Improve flows within your stations and optimise the passenger experience

Determining flow anomalies

Collecting data enables you to analyse the density of passenger waiting areas so that you can trigger specific alerts and take real-time action in the event of flow anomalies.

Reducing congestion

By collecting data in real time, it is possible to optimise the dynamics of traffic flows and the use of space in order to reduce congestion in high-traffic areas.

Understanding customer habits

Collect data on your customers' behaviour and identify the areas where they spend the most time, enabling you to optimise your sales strategy.

Montparnasse station

Technis Spaces helps Montparnasse station optimize logistics and security.

Improve traffic flow, safety and the passenger experience

Ensuring the travel experience

Control space availability and passenger comfort with real-time analysis of lounge occupancy and air quality indices.

Facilitating traffic flow

Monitor in real time  the density of passenger waiting areas, enabling you to react quickly to anomalies with targeted alerts.

Understanding customer habits

Study your customers' behaviour and identify the areas where they spend the most time, so that you can adjust your sales strategy if necessary.

Airport Lounge Iberia

How Iberia monitors its lounges to improve the customer experience.

Metrics and functionalities for all your challenges

For reasons of compliance, or to further enhance the customer and user experience offered by brands and public spaces, Technis offers levels of digital coverage to suit every type of need.


Know how many people enter and leave your space.

  • People counting (entrances and exits)
  • Basic occupancy tracking
  • Simple data visualization
  • Summary reports


Real-time alerts and detailed reports help to manage crowd flows.

  • Basic Monitoring
  • Alerts / anomalies


Track movement, monitor density, and manage queues for optimal space usage.

  • Enhanced Security
  • Advanced tracking of people movements
  • Density per square metre
  • Queue length and waiting time management


Key functionalities for all your challenges

Intelligent collection in real time

Real-time differentiation of entry and exit flows for each zone

Confidentiality Insured

Secure data collection without compromising privacy.

Targeted reporting and analysis

Reports accessible remotely at any time,  automatic extraction of dashboards by zone, by day...

Customised ergonomic dashbording

View your data according to the criteria that are important for your analyses (surface area, time grid, etc.)


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