Obtain certainty to act effectively

The answers to your questions relating to flows, energy expenditure and environmental health are at your fingertips.

Collection, analysis, optimization

Technis Spaces gathers your data and analyzes it to give you the indicators and trends you really need to go further.

Plug & Collect

Once connected to your sensors, Technis Spaces collects your data, consolidates and enriches it to render it in real time.


The platform's reliable and controlled data is accessible in personalized dashboards, or via our API and will allow you to act.


Act on the basis of reliable information to respond to your various challenges, whether conversions or   good space optimization.

Hundreds of companies
work with Technis

Insights for everyone

An AI-powered platform, for all physical space data, to answer   to numerous issues while meeting ROI challenges.


Discover your visitors' in-store journeys.

Obtain the precise attendance time by area of your visitors.

Cross-reference this data with the average visit time of visitors.

Obtain your store's conversion funnel based on traffic inside and outside your store.


Analyze feed data and get anomaly reports.

Keep an eye on density per square meter and receive alerts as needed.

Get data on   queue lengths and wait times and cross-reference this data with site traffic and service time.


Obtain the analysis of occupancy rates for the optimization of your spaces.

Learn about improved comfort analysis for your employees.

Discover the detailed comparison of space occupancy versus expenses.

Benefit from a cost-benefit analysis to optimize the use of space based on the rent paid.


Get a large set of multi-fluid tracking indicators.

Benefit from an analysis of your CO footprint 2

Access several indicators such as consumption per m², the classification of your buildings, or even energy labels.

Additional technical data (heating system measurements, comfort level)

Make better decisions based on reliable data

The enrichment of data by our data scientists allows, among other things, the creation of personalized dashboards rich in actionable information.

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