Make the most of your square meters

Safety, flexibility, energy, comfort.

Technis digitises your workspaces, because we are certain that it is with accurate data that you will
optimise the use of your premises -
reduce their operating costs -
- maximise their profitability -

Unrivalled data accuracy

Technis relies on partners and surrounds itself with the best to provide ever more reliable data.

An A-Team to exceed your expectations

A team of engineers and data scientists to make the most of your equipment and all your data.

Hand-in-hand project management

Support and a proven methodology to meet your every challenge.

Digitising your property assets means you can act with precision on several levels.


Analyse occupancy rates to optimise space and reduce your costs.

Reallocate space dynamically according to needs and maximise efficiency.

Reduce unoccupied space and adjust your lease according to actual usage.


Monitor capacity in real time for seamless security compliance.

Manage risk proactively with instant visibility of space occupancy.

Occupancy rate for each workstation.
Measurement of the energy expenditure of each space.
Real-time capacity monitoring.
Real-time calculation of waiting times at the company restaurant.
Measuring environmental health (air quality, luminosity, etc.)
Adjust your HR policy

Use your data to support a teleworking policy that fits in with your employees' lives.

Create an attractive working environment, optimised for well-being and productivity, encouraging people to stay in the office.

Define your needs

Metrics and functionalities for all your challenges

Whether it's a security project or a project to optimize the comfort and flexibility of a workspace, Technis offers flexible solutions to meet these different needs.

Workspace Fundamentals

Gather essential data on workflows and occupancy of your workspace to optimise resource management.

  • Real-time control of space occupation
  • Analysis of occupancy rates for space optimisation
  • Dynamic reallocation of space according to current needs
  • Monitoring air quality and environmental conditions
  • Sales funnel (attractiveness and conversion)

Occupancy Intelligence

Improve the environmental health and efficiency of a workspace with detailed environmental analyses.

  • Workspace fundamentals
  • Thermal comfort and lighting management for maximum well-being
  • Adjustments based on user preferences and feedback
  • Full occupancy reports
  • Improved comfort analysis


Improve your bottom line by strategically optimising your workspaces and the associated costs.

  • Occupancy Intelligence
  • Detailed comparison of land use versus expenditure
  • Cost-benefit analysis to optimise the use of space in relation to the rent paid
  • Integration of financial data for optimised asset management
  • Measures of profitability per square metre


Key functionalities for all your challenges

Real-time smart collection

A differentiation of inflows and outflows for each zone, in real time

Confidentiality assured

Secure data collection without compromising privacy.

Targeted reports and analyses

Reports accessible remotely at any time, automatic extractions of dashboards by zone, per day...

Customized ergonomic dashbording

Visualize your data according to the criteria that are important for your analyses (area, time mesh, etc.)

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