Monitor and optimise the energy consumption of each of your square meters

Define your needs

Technis digitises your property assets, collecting reliable data, analysing it and enabling you to reduce your consumption.

Unrivalled data accuracy

Technis relies on partners and surrounds itself with the best to provide ever more reliable data.

An A-Team to exceed your expectations

A team of engineers and data scientists to make the most of your equipment and all your data.

Hand-in-hand project management

Support and a proven methodology to meet your every challenge.

A unique service to control optimise the energy consumption and carbon impact of your portfolio.

Estimate your savings in CO2 and CHF

Compare your portfolio with more than 10000 buildings , and get an estimate of your costs, your carbon impact and the savings you could make.

Multi-fluid lift management for your building or building stock

  • Totale
  • Self-consumed
  • Returned to the network
  • General of the building
  • Sub-metering (by large consumer, by zone, by floor or other)
  • General building introduction
  • Sub-counting (by zone, by floor, or other)
    • Heating fluid (gas, oil, electricity, electricity, heat pump, pellet, district heating)
    • Equivalent heating energy (at the boiler outlet) in kWh
    • Sub-counting (by zone, by floor, or other)

      Technis meets several of your challenges

      Solutions for :

      Reduce your energy consumption by up to 30

      We have carefully selected the most efficient technologies on the market, with the aim of reducing your heating consumption, your costs and your carbon footprint.

      Automate costly manual processes

      Give your teams a single, customisable platform with automatic, reliable data to reduce errors and increase efficiency.

      Monitor the actual performance of your renovation plans

      Validate the success of your investments using the performance indicators available on our platform.

      Encourage your service providers to reach new heights

      Work closely with your service providers on a single platform to continually improve your energy performance.

      360° management

      Discover the Technis ecosystem


      Depending on your needs, we maximise the use of existing facilities to limit the amount of equipment to be deployed.


      We research and configure the best sensors available on the market to provide accurate and reliable data.


      Our network of certified installers will take care of everything without disrupting existing installations.


      We offer financing services so that the energy savings can finance the installations themselves. Where possible, we can help you apply for grants.

      Continuous data

      Don't wait until the end of the month, half-year or year to monitor your performance and carbon impact. Our solution gives you continuous access to your consumption indicators.

      Up to 30% savings

      Using optimisation and artificial intelligence technologies, we adjust your heating system to save up to 30% energy, without compromising occupant comfort.

      Additional support

      Whether you require training, an audit, consultancy or any other service, Technis and its partners can support you at every stage of your energy efficiency strategy.

      and labels

      Our tools and data considerably reduce the work required to meet your legal obligations and obtain labels.

      Solutions based on your needs

      Whether you need to monitor a building or an entire property portfolio, have ambitious CO2 reduction targets, or simply need to analyse your carbon footprint, Technis is at your side for multi-fluid monitoring and optimisation.


      Monitor the main public services for fundamental efficiency.

      • Multi-fluid monitoring (electricity consumption, electricity production, heating fluid, water)
      • Manual or automatic data feed
      • Access to the platform with an unlimited number of users
      • Unique view of the site


      Refining sustainability through precise CO2 and energy analyses.

      • Energy Essential Package
      • Analysis of the CO2 footprint
      • Wide range of additional indicators (consumption per m², building classification, energy labels)
      • Additional technical data (heating system measurements, comfort level)


      Optimise to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and costs.

      • Building Analytics Package
      • Annual review of building performance by the energy manager
      • Portfolio carbon impact strategy and targets
      • Automatic heating optimisation
      • Leak detection algorithm

      A three-stage methodology

      The unprecedented accuracy of our data is the result of the involvement of experts at every stage of a project,
      but also of a methodology and rigour in its application.


      • We collect, process and store your data continuously and securely.
      • We then derive CO2 and energy indicators to compare buildings against each other.


      • Our dashboarding tool enables all stakeholders to benefit from or create their own dashboards.
      • The views on these dashboards can all be customised.


      • Our experts will help you to identify the most problematic buildings.
      • For each of them, we find the best options and actions to reduce their energy consumption.
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      Improve your energy management

      Reducing impact: Control consumption and emissions with proven strategies. Take action for the future of your property and the planet.

      Sustainable innovations: Discover innovative solutions to optimise energy. Add value to your assets and comply with regulations.

      Move forward with confidence: Turn challenges into opportunities. Improve your competitiveness while protecting the environment.


      Talk to our team

      The Technis Building solution was created to offer you a co-pilot in these complex projects.

      Our team is at your disposal to guide you and set up the project that meets your needs.

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